It is demanded without any compromise for people that it must be always more than secure and safe at any government agencies and public places. As higher the level of risk and severity of a threat from terrorism is raising, more the governments of countries worldwide have been continuously investing and budgeting more resources, even within economic recessions periods, in reinforcing the power and controls, especially over major metropolitans, to prevent from being any possibility of malicious attacks resulting in irreversible tragedy, providing their people with fear-and-worry-free lives at all times.

Building Area

Government agencies are hosted at offices separated in buildings city-wise. They might be old buildings at age more than 30 years. Some of them are initially complete with necessary built-in infrastructure and facilities, being scalable for deploying necessary applications in the future. It has been proven that PoE-enable network cameras are the best choice instead of AC-powered ones for any types of building simply requiring minimal effort in installation and maintenance. Usually, fixed mini dome network cameras are more favored due to they are compact in size and are perfectly-fitted into the office environments without sacrifice in perspective of aesthetics. In addition, in some scenarios that the network cameras might be risking at being attacked themselves, a vandal-proof network camera is appropriate at all. With its flexible mounting kits, it is possible to embed a vandal-proof network camera into ceiling/wall, making it a non-strange-looking object within the environment.

Public Area/Place

Some public areas/places, including government agency building's entrances and perimeters, parking lots, roads, streets/lanes, and so on, are considered as many of those common areas/places shall be well monitored for commonwealth where a lot of activities are frequently taking place from time to time. Generally speaking, it is quite often that both of bright and dark areas co-exist all of a sudden in the field of view from a network camera, such as at an entrance, outdoor parking lot, or in a road or street/lane. A network camera featuring WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) capability is strongly recommended to better cope with challenging lighting conditions like this. For an area/place that is insufficient of light at night time, a network camera with IR LEDs shall be an appropriate choice for providing visibility in black-and-white mode at night. Usually, as wider the area to be monitored is, the more network cameras should be installed to leave no blind spots as possible. A high-speed dome network camera is a perfect companion with a group of fixed lens network cameras. It is able to move quickly at 400° per second, pan/tilt-wise, to any spots not being covered by fixed-lens network cameras installed at field. In addition, with its excellent movement capability, it is easy to trace along any suspicious. Moreover, with 18/20 times optical zoomed, auto-focus lens, plus with 12 times of digital zoom, an object shall be clearly viewed and identified immediately.

Product Recommendation

As complete range of 2-megapixel HD (High Definition), WDR, quad-streamed network cameras, fixed-lens mini dome and vandal-proof dome are ideal suite for building-wise surveillance, and fixed-lens box and bullet companioned with 18/20 times optical zoomed-lens high speed dome, are excellent suite for public area-wise surveillance. In addition, to provide reliable power to network cameras and to manage high network I/O throughput from a bunch of network cameras, U PoE Ethernet switch and U managed Ethernet switch are required to raise the manageability to the level of acceptance. The software suite, MicroViewm from Micronet, including 64CH VMS (Video Management Software) and CMS (Centralized Management Software), is best suit for meeting requirements of any government-based surveillance.






Product Type

Model / Product Name


Network Camera

  • SP5563A; 1080p HD Box
  • SP5584A; 1080p HD Mini Dome
  • SP5591A; 1080p HD IR Bullet
  • SP5582A; 1080p HD IR Fixed Dome
  • SP5923; 1080p HD 18 / 20x High speed PTZ Dome
  • C/CS Lens mount, Support Auto Iris Lens, ICR, WDR, Quad Streams, ROI
  • Low illumination, Compact-sized, WDR, Quad Streams, ROI
  • IP66, ICR, IR Led, Vandalproof, WDR, Quad Streams, ROI
  • Pan/Tilt 400­°/s, 18x / 20x Optical Zoom, IP66, WDR, Quad Streams, ROI


  • MicroView ™ Professional*
  • MicroView ™ Enterprise*
  • 64CH VMD
  • 64CH VMS with CMS & IVA

*Available on request