Retail industry heavily relies on video surveillance for day-to-day operation. Inventory shrinkage has continued to be primary concern for the overall success of a business. The integration of a high quality video surveillance system into a retail environment can minimize and prevent the occurrence of shrinkage and ensure that sales are consistent with projections.

Entry Area

Knowing who enters and leaves — Knowing who enters and leaves your store is your right and gives you control: what did the person have with him/her when entering the store, and what did she have when leaving?

Sales Area

No chance for shoplifters — The product display in a sales area is usually located in the central area in any store. A video surveillance camera in place, live monitoring can prevent and reveal acts of theft. Thieves can be caught red-handed and convicted. Furthermore additional advantages: it is possible to analyze the attractiveness of individual shelves and to optimize the sales area.

Cash Register Area

When Cash "just disappear"— More than half of the thefts are due to dishonest employees and internal errors. This is due to dishonest suppliers. Theft is not just a problem in retail shops. Focal point no.1 is the cash register area. HD network cameras and cameras whose lens can be set especially for the area in front of the cash register desk. This guarantees that the images are correspondingly sharp and deliver enough details for identification free of any doubt. HD Video monitoring creates clarity here. This way, there is valid proof for the police and insurance companies.

Outdoor Area

No more vandalism — Security is critical even outside business hours, display windows and entry areas are becoming a frequent target of vandals. Especially for this purpose there are vandal-proof cameras, which have an extremely robust and scratch and shock-proof housing. With the day/night function and integrated infrared lighting, it is possible to intervene in events even in complete darkness, to identify the suspects, and thus to avoid costly damage. The software of the recording system also issues a warning in case of a manipulation of the camera by covering or spraying it and it triggers an alarm.

Product Recommendation

Retail store requires simple but product that deliver the quality without compromisation. As for camera range, high definition is definitely the best choice to Retail store for its clarity of detail to object and fine sharpness to verify in case of accident. The compact range from Cube, bullet and mini dome with all HD quality are idea for verify of retail stores. And as for VMS, the simple and ease of use is most suitable for retail. The Ethernet switch shall provide minimum port for small size of installation with both PoE and normal connection as open to choose





Product Type

Model / Product Name


Network Camera

  • SP5584A; 1080p HD Mini Dome Ip Camera
  • SP5591A; 1080p HD IR Bullet Camera
  • SP5582A; 1080p HD Vandal-Proof Fixed Dome Camera
  • SP5523W; 2M HD PIR Cube Camera
  • Low Illumination, Compact
  • IP66, ICR, 20m IR LED
  • Vandal-proof Housing
  • PIR, white LED, Wireless


  • MicroView ™ Professional*
  • MicroView ™ Enterprise*
  • 64CH VMD
  • 64CH VMS with CMS & IVA


  • SP6005P4
  • SP6008P
  • 5-port PoE Switch
  • 8-port PoE Switch

*Available on request


5-Port 10/100M PoE Switch with 4-port POE, 62 Watts


8-Port 10/100M PoE Switch with 8-port PoE, 120 Watts